Two cats, double the trouble?

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two-cats.jpgOne of the questions we get asked a lot around here is, "should I get two cats?" or "should I get another cat to keep my current cat company?" I'd say yes on both fronts.

Domestic cats are very social animals and it's been documented many times in the past that single cats can become depressed and even cause damage to your house due to being bored. Obviously I'm generalizing but I do speak from experience.

When two cats are together, they keep each other company and often play together. The positive for the cats is that they are never alone and the positive for you is you get to observe years of fun loving play between nature's most lovable animals.

If you're planning on getting two cats, take the time to bond with each cat or do what me and my wife did; claim one cat for yourself. I'm not sure if we claimed the cats or if they claimed us.

It's really important that your cat understands his or her place within the household. If one of your cats feels excluded because you've spent more time with the other cat, take the time to play with the excluded cat and make them feel more welcome. Go to extremes if you have to, if the excluded cat isolates herself, make an effort to get her and place her in the room where you are. Literally pick her up and place her with you if you have to.

Sounds crazy eh? All of this for a cat? Well if you're here and reading this, I don't have to tell you how sensitive and how incredibly intelligent these animals are.

I'd love to hear your stories on having two cats in the house. Feel free to share below.

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