Species spotlight: the sand cat (video)

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sand_cat.jpgI saw the Sand at online for the first time the other day. I asked Melanie about this cat and she told me she discovered it online this year for the first time as well. You can read her post about the Sand Cat here. Considering that we are both big time cat lovers, it's really interesting that both of us had never heard of this cat before.

The Sand Cat as mentioned is a fairly rare cat. This species of cats avoids water holes (due to the fact it gets its water from its prey) and only congregates with others for mating. Needless to say, they're kind of loners in the cat world.

What is known about them is that their fur has a sand like color and their heads tend to be very broad. This cat is about two feet long and only weighs around six pounds.

This beautiful cat can be found in the deserts of Iran and Pakistan and have special long hairs on their paws to protect them from the hot sand. According to what I have learned about Sand Cats, they can survive extreme temperature variances that typically occur in a desert. Considering their small sizes, I would say that these cats are real troopers. There's not much difference between these cats and a typical domestic cat. Speaking of domestic cats, considering that they average around six pounds, I can see an exotic market for these cats.

According to my research, the Sand Cat was born in captivity for the first time last year at the Al Ain Zoo in the United Arab Emirates.

I couldn't find much information on this cat, if you have extra information, share below! Take care.

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