Positive enforcement, a crucial part of cat training...

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cat_training.jpgCats unlike dogs are highly individual animals and as a consequence, they can't be trained like dogs. When a dog does something wrong, raising your voice at the dog usually sends him the message that he's done something wrong. This tactic is generally a short term solution with no lasting effects for your cat.

According to my vet, one of the best ways to train your cat is by using a positive reinforcement model. When your cat does something wrong, instead of yelling at him, show him what he should be doing and where he should be doing it and praise him while he's doing the right thing. I've found that this strategy works great with my cat Maddy. If I get angry at my cat for being on the kitchen table, it can be confusing to Maddy (my cat) if an hour later, my daughter pets her on the table.

The best advice my vet gave me is consistency. You don't need tricks or gadgets to train your cat, what you need is a consistent message that will allow your cat to understand exactly what you want. It's been my experience that my cat can get very confused about disciplinary issues when I'm not consistent in my message.

I've pasted a video below from YouTube that demonstrates a very popular trend in cat training; it's called clicker training. Writing about clicker training is probably a subject for another day but the essence is that you have a clicker in your hand that you use to tell your cat when she's done something right.

I'm always looking for new training ideas. Got an idea? Share it below.

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