Picking the Right Brush for Your Cat's Fur.

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pictures_of_cat_breed_of_cats_Abyssinian.jpgI've blogged before about grooming cats: top five tips for a healthy coat and the reasons why groom your cat I've even written about how to groom an unwilling cat. But I've never explained what types of brushes or combs to use. A friend of mine brought this to my attention when she asked about her cat Mattie.

So there is a basic rule to follow when choosing a grooming tool:

For Short-Haired Cats, use a soft brush or rubber toothed brush once or twice a week. Make sure the brush you choose has soft bristles so they don't scratch your cats skin. There are several ones that have rubber bristles that many cats love. They work really well because they act like a magnet. The loose fur sticks to them.

pictures_cat_brush.jpgFor Medium and Long-Haired Cats, the rules are a little different. While the rubber ones work well to get out loose fur, a long haired cat really needs a wide toothed and a narrow toothed comb. Use the wide one first to get out any mats, burrs, and loose fur, then follow up with the narrow toothed comb. A comb works better for longer haired cats because it picks up the hair close to the scalp and you can get right down to the root. A brush goes over the surface of the fur and makes the top of the coat look good, but underneath their can be knots and loose fur.

pictures_cat_comb.jpgJust a side note on mats, check for matted fur under your cat's arms and between his legs. Cats usually don't get matted fur on their backs, but many times will be matted where their bodies rub with daily walking and moving.

If your cat has matted fur, try to comb it out with a wide toothed comb. Start and the tip of the fur and taking small sections work your way back to the root or scalp. Don't try to comb out a mat from root to tip - you'll just rip at the scalp and hurt your cat. And never cut the mat out with scissors. Cats have such loose skin so you can't be sure you won't catch it in the scissors, resulting in a painful injury to your cat.pictures_cat_rubber_comb.jpg

If the matted fur can't be combed out with just a comb, take your cat to a groomer or ask your vet for assistance. They have special trimmers that can get out matted fur without hurting your cat.

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