Myth: Cats can't be trained to do tricks

Fact: People usually don't try to train them. Here is an example of a cat doing dog tricks. He sits, gives high fives and shakes a paw and more.

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There is a common misconception that cats are untrainable. But it's not the cat who can't be trained, the problem is with the human. Humans often don't spend time teaching their cats anything, and many times humans just don't know how to communicate with their cat so training is completely impossible.

Most of the time cats will do anything for extra attention and extra food or treats. So giving them both of those things while training, will make your training session very successful.

If you want your cat to do tricks, make it fun and rewarding for the cat. Use treats and a calm gentle vice to reward your cat. Work on one command at a time, and be consistent, don't leave long gaps of time between training sessions (like a week or more) and always reward him enthudisasically. And always end with a final treat and lots of petting and even some grooming. Read about Cat training tips, the best techniques

Try this trick:

Shake hands

This one might be the easiest trick to teach because many cats move when you touch their paws. Use your cat's natural reaction. Touch his paw, and say, "Shake." as soon as he lifts his paw, shake it. Then give him a treat and say something like, "Good boy" in a very enthusiastic and happy voice so he know he did something right.

Remember to be consistent, so that means repeating the command and reward exactly the same way each time. Do this until your cat looks like he's had enough or until you're done, maybe 4 or 5 repitions. Then groom him and praise him. He'll remember that extra attention next time and be willing to try the trick again later.

Let me know how this training session goes, and I'll post new tricks to try.

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