Jean Morgan Explains Hairballs

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picture_of_black_cat_lounging.jpegWhen you say hairballs, pet owners who do not know better will probably think of fluffy balls that cats love to play with; or if ever they have an idea that it is a condition, they would not really think that it is something serious. That’s where they are wrong. Hairballs is serious and not to mention disgusting and quite alarming.

Hairballs are developed when cats groom themselves and they accidentally swallow their own hair. As you well know, hair cannot be digested and if ever cats can do it, they would not be able to digest hair strands that easily. Swallowed hair can pose danger as it can block the passage of oxygen to the lungs and the passage of food through the stomach and the intestines. In fact, cats who have hairballs will tend to cough severely because they find it hard to breathe while others will develop impactions in the intestines and the gastro-intestinal tract. These impactions is so serious that a surgery may be advised in order to remove the hairballs inside. In less serious cases, the hairballs can just cause constipation or problems with the stomach.

Symptoms of Hairballs

Masses of hair on the carpet or on the floor. The hairballs are frequently circular or cylindrical in shape.

Stools that contain hair

Difficult time excreting

Coat of fur that is matted and dry

Coughing especially dry coughing especially after every meal

Choking sounds.

Loss of energy and vibe; lethargy

No appetite or interest on their food

Depression and inactivity

It is not good to wait around for hairballs to attack and make your life and house a mess. Hairballs can actually be prevented with just one simple tool— brushing! Most cats will even enjoy frequent brushing. And what is more the bond that will develop between you and your cat during these kinds of activities will strengthen your relationship. You won’t even have to do much because your cat will do almost everything. Most cats will be the ones brushing their faces on to the brush. All the owners have to do is to just hold the brushes still while the cats do the task. Some cats will also love vacuuming. Once they realize that it will not harm them, cats will love the feel of having their hair pulled on.pictures_cat_hairballs.jpg

Another way of ensuring that hairballs will not develop is to help cats with their digestion. Give them foods that will help them digest and to also make the passage of food easier. There are special hairball formula foods that are available in the market. This will help them with their food. There are also different remedies that your cat can take in order to relieve himself with the unwanted hair. These remedies often contain mineral oil, which provides lubrication on the food during meal times. Taken in quantities, the mineral can also cause problems in the body as it can deplete the body’s stored vitamin A. It is important that before you have your cat take in these medications, you have already consulted a veterinarian.

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