Christian the Lion: Get the DVD in time for Christmas!

WildlifeChristianTheLion.jpg I blogged about Christian the Lion and now the story is available on DVD. A heartwarming Holiday gift for anyone. Cat lover or not, everyone will be touched by this remarkable story. Buy the Christian the Lion DVD: Christian The Lion at World's End directly at the Born Free Website.

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The film was originally made on 16 mm film in 1972. It made a brief appearance in U.K. movie theatres and was released on VHS in 80's and on DVD in 2006. The DVD is coded Region 0 so it can be played anywhere in the world.

All proceeds and royalties go directly to the Born Free Foundation so not only are you getting a wonderful story about how this lion was raised from a cub by two very kind men and how they helped him make the transfer to the wilds of Africa, but you are helping to save wild cats and other animals all over the world.

WildlifeLionsAreFree.jpgHollywood might even make this documentary in to a full length feature film! And I've heard rumors that the book, "A Lion Called Christian" will be reprinted in March 2009 - but for now you can download the e-book and find out more about Christian at A Lion Called Christian. and visit the George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust to learn about the man, George Adamson and his great work to preserve animals in Africa.

You can also get the Born Free DVD that documents the life of George Adamason and his work with lions to retrain them to take care of themselves in the wild, and it's sequel, The Lions Are Free "In this film Bill Travers travels back to remote Kenya to find the legendary George Adamson, some of the lions from Born Free and to witness Adamson's struggle to return his man-made pride to a free and natural life."

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