Can you tell the sex of a cat at first glance? Take the quiz

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well_groomed_siamese_picture.jpgFor some people it's easy to tell the sex of a cat just by taking a quick glance. I'm pretty good at telling a boy cat from a girl cat when I can see their faces.

To me, boy cats have fuller, rounder faces with broad features. That criteria works for me most of the time, but when I can't tell just from looking at the face, I'll look at the body. The body of a male cat is usually longer and huskier with bigger paws and legs.

Having said all that, I took the Cat Photo Quiz - Boy Cat Girl Cat Quiz and I scored 15 out of 20 - not bad, but I have to admit that some of them were really tricky so I had to guess. But here's a hint, look closely at the cat, even if the collar or surroundings make it look like one sex or another, don't be fooled by a pink collar! That's all I'm saying!

Take the quiz and then come back here and post your results and while you're at it, take a guess at the sex of the cat is this picture. Post your score and your answer in the comments below.

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