Could I be allergic to my cat?

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cat_allergy_allergies.jpgIt's possible that you might be allergic to your own cat. If you're in the cat purchase mode, you might want to check online or with your vet to confirm if the breed is considered to be a cat associated with high allergies. The last thing you want to do is bring a cat home and then realize you can't keep her. I would strongly suggest that you spend a couple of hours with your prospective cat and confirm that there are no adverse effects from spending lots of time with her.

If you fall into the category of being an owner of a cat that you are allergic to, there are ways to reduce the effects:

  • Visit an allergist and discuss your options with regards to medication or monthly shots that you can take.
  • Shave your cat down to its skin. Bad joke. Seriously though, consider bathing your cat more often to reduce the dander in their coat. You also may be allergic to your cat's saliva. Check with your vet to find out how often you can bathe your cat. This point is important, you don't want to over bathe the cat, that may make the situation worse.
  • Invest in leather furniture if it's really bad. If leather is your style, this is a positive. Fabric covered furniture tends to hold more cat dander.
  • Vacuum a lot. Not your cat, your residence.
  • Get rid of the carpet in your house and replace it with tile, hardwood or anything else that won't trap cat dander.
  • Keep your cat out of rooms that you may sleep in or work in.
  • Get a good air purifier and try to keep the windows open whenever the temperature allows for it.
  • Your vet may be able to recommend some treatments or sprays for your cat that might reduce his dander.
  • If you have a cat that is causing you some discomfort due to allergies, look for alternatives that can help to fix the situation. I've listed a few above but your vet may have other options.

    If you have any advice or information, share below. What's worked for you?

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