True Halloween Cats are Crazy for Pumpkin!

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cat-pumpkin.jpgIn the spirit of Halloween fun, give your cat pumpkin for a treat. I was amazed to find out that pumpkin is actually good for your cat – it tastes sweet and cats love it.

Last year, we were given a pumpkin just before Halloween and I brought it into the house and used it as a decoration until it got a little too soft… and started to smell…and leaked on the carpet… but that’s a story for another day!

Anyway, Neo loved this pumpkin – He smelled it, sat on top of it, rubbed up against it, he even licked it. I just thought it was because it smelled like the outdoors, or because it was something new to sit on. But I was wrong.

He actually wanted to eat it! Today, I was carving a pumpkin to put outside for the trick-or-treaters that will be stopping by. Neo jumped on my shoulders and started rubbing his face against my ears. So I gave him a tiny bit just to get him out of my way - and to my amazement, he ate a whole teaspoonful!

images-6.jpgSo I did a little research and it’s true, Cats love Pumpkin but here’s a word of caution… feed your cat up to two teaspoons of unsweetened canned pumpkin or freshly grated pumpkin, no more. It’s too high in fiber and it will give him gas – which is not pleasant for your cat (or for you for that matter!) But if your cat is constipated or has a bloody stool, a little pumpkin can clear up his constipation quickly. * Always ask your vet about any changes in your cat's diet.

And as for that carved pumpkin on your front step… the one that has been sitting out there for a couple days or more…. it has become a breeding ground for bacteria, parasites and …..ooooh too many things that can make your cat sick. So leave it outside and dispose of it where your cat can’t get to it.

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