Time to buy your Kitty Costume for Halloween!

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If you haven't already done so, it's time to think about how to dress your cat for Halloween! As you can see in these pictures, Neo is going to be wearing a green sequined bow-tie and if I can get him into a little vest and matching hat the look will be complete! My little furry Gentleman Caller - you know what I mean, from the 1940's, The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams....No? ok, well he's cute in his tie anyway!

Neo is a real sport about dress up time. He'll do anything if I pet him and talk nicely to him and give him treats. Training him to tolerate a harness paid off for Halloween too! If your cat is used to a collar or harness, or it your cat is just really easy-going, you can probably get away with putting him in a costume.

But there are a few things you should and shouldn't do to make the evening fun for your cat too. Besides we don't want to anger kitty, he knows where you sleep. No, he won't hurt you, but he might start displaying some unwanted behavior if you upset him - think kitty pee on your pillow, stuff like that. Ok so here goes:

1. No dresses. Their hind legs get caught in them and it trips them and they fall. While this can be very funny for you, it's not fun for kitty.

2. Leave the ears out - cats rely on their ears so covering them will only irritate your cat and he'll spend the whole time trying to get the hat off of his head.

3. Hats and head pieces work best on kitties who wear collars, they are used to something being around their necks so securing the hat to their head is usually no problem.

4. Don't let kitty outside while in costume. This is bad for several reasons, it's a distraction so he could be fussing with his costume while a car is speeding up the street. Not good.

5. And just so we're clear, a cat outside on Halloween night is a recipe for disaster, there are too many idiots out looking for a laugh and they can do some pretty extreme things to your cat. In costume or out of costume, keep your cat in that night and save his life.

You can browse cat costumes at Annie's Costumes and at KittyCity. And view some pictures of cats in costume from 2007. My favorite is the pissed off pink fluffy bunny cat costume but I think it's been photoshopped!

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