Show your cat's ID this Halloween

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Cat_ID_Halloween.jpgIt's not too late to get your cat's ID ready for Halloween night! Protect your cat from becoming a stray cat, or worse. Get him microchipped, or have an easy to read collar and tags in case he sneaks out Halloween night.

You know how it is, little kids are coming to your door and there comes a time, when you get so many kids, you won't be able to close the door for a while, and that is the moment when Kitty decides to take a stroll in the neighborhood.

It couldn't be a worse night to be out, strangers in weird clothes, thinking they are invincible or maybe getting a little too into their character scare away your cat, or do things I can't mention here

The next thing you know, your cat is lost, and you don't know how long he's been gone. This is one time when the cat probably won't come back, unless he has proper ID.

In addition to making sure his ID is up to date, put him in a comfortable room with the door securely closed during peak Halloween Trick Or Treater time. He'll hate it. You'll hate it. But just think, instead of pounding the pavement calling his name with tears streaking down your face, you'll be able to give him lots of love and attention to make up for his confinement.

Keep your cat safe with proper ID and safely tucked indoors on Halloween night.

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