Pumpkin day at BIg Cat Rescue

I don't know about you, but I love to watch wild cats playing like kittens. It's fascinating to see these huge animals, weighting in at 400 pounds batting around a ball, or in this case a pumpkin, like it was a fuzzy cat toy.

This video is one of my favorite Halloween/Pumpkin Videos. These tigers, lions and I think it's a bearcat are having a great time playing with the pumpkins. Cameron the lion and Zabu the white tiger are so protective of their pumpkins, like they would be after a kill. Very much like domestic cats will do with a new toy. Very cute.

Cameron and Zabu came to Bg Cat Rescue together so they live in the same compound and they are very attached. They were in a horrible little zoo in New England that kept them together in hopes that they would breed. That never happened and since they've been at Big Cat Rescue, Cameron has had a vasectomy. They will live together for the rest of their lives at Big Cat Rescue.

You have to watch this video through to the end, one lioness named Sarabi, was perhaps expecting something a little sweeter... Maybe a pumpkin pie, not just a pumpkin - watch her face at about 4:43 after she tastes it. Sarabi has very human-like facial expressions.


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