Neo caught a chipmunk today!

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You know how I've been telling you about my problem with Neo wanting to get outside all the time.  I've been looking for a cat fence that would keep him in my yard, but until I figure out what I want to do, I've been letting him out on a leash and harness.  

So tell me, how can a cat go hunting with a harness and leash on?  I don't know but Neo has figured it out! He was outside for about an hour just wandering around and I noticed he was sitting very still watching the neighbor's back step.  When I went out to check on him, he ran and pounced and the next thing I know there is a chipmunk in his mouth!  I was shocked.

Neo was born in feral cat colony and I know his mom took him out for hunting lessons, I just didn't think he would have remembered what she showed him.  I guess somethings are hard to forget and he demonstrated that with his catch today.

He was so proud of that catch, he strutted toward the back door with this chipmunk dangling from his mouth.  It was as if he was saying, "This is the best day ever!" 

It looked like he wanted to take it inside the house but I didn't let him. I wasn't excited about the idea of a chipmunk loose in the house. So he stayed outside and started to play a cat and mouse game with it.  You know letting it go then running after it and catching it. 

I honestly didn't know what to do next.  Should I catch Neo and let the chipmunk go or should I let him play with it for a while?  The chipmunk looked like he wasn't hurt, he still had speed and agility.  I was torn, I felt bad for the chipmunk, but I also wanted Neo to enjoy his catch for awhile.  

So I let him play with it for a few minutes.  I took him off his leash and ran in to get the camera.  He let it go and chased after it again a few times and I got these two pictures you see here.  It was hard to get a good shot because he was moving so fast - usually Neo is a slow mover, but not today.  

He chased the chipmunk in the tall, wet grass for a few more minutes and I could see that the chipmunk was getting tired.  He still didn't appear to be hurt, just wet and tired.  So I picked up Neo and took him inside.  The chipmunk when to his home in the trees in my backyard.  

Neo came in and was very excited, meowing and pacing and I praised him for his hunting skills and he loved the attention.  He started to clean himself and then had a long nap.  Actually, he didn't get up for at least 6 hours.  He came in at around 2:00 PM and he didn't get up from his nap until around 8:30PM.  

Poor tired Neo - he had a big day.  I bet Neo had some good dreams.   

I wonder how long the chipmunk slept? 

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