How to Make Your Indoor Cat's LIfe More Interesting

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Cat_pictures_not_impressed.jpgToday was a very cold day and Neo was not impressed. He wanted to go outside, and I let him out but he didn't want to stay too long. The weather was cold, windy and damp today so Neo was in a bad mood. He went out and came in about three times. One time he stood at the door, I got his harness and leash on, but when I opened the door, he sniffed at the air and then looked up at me and started meowing.

Poor guy, this going outside thing is not working for him today. So I figured instead of shoving him out the door and making him play in the cold, I thought I would really try to make things better for him. After all, Neo is rarely in a bad mood and I thought he must be so disappointed by the weather. He really isn't an outdoor cat so he should start getting used to being indoors again, it's a long cold winter when it gets here.

picture_of_black_cat_peek_a_boo.jpgSo I played with him. He likes to play, but I am not that great at playing - usually, I start to play then lose interest when i start thinking about all the things I have to do. But today, I took out some toys he hasn't played with in a while. He especially likes long strings that you wiggle around. It's fun to watch his eyes dilate while he plays. He still has a very cute kitten appearance that gets magnified when he is chasing after a string. So we played that for about ten minutes, he could have gone longer but...like I said, I lose interest.

So then I brushed him, he needed it, by the way, he had loose fur and bits of dried leaves and stuff in his fur. He loves to be groomed, he tells me where he wants to be combed by lifting that body part toward me. usually he likes his back-end done - remember I was telling you about the spanking? Well he loves his little bum combed too. And he offered his head and neck to me to comb. Now this I get into - I can comb him forever, he loves it too, but he stops after 15 minutes - and today that's exactly how long until he was finished. pictures_of_cats_blow_drying.jpg

Then I gave him some treats and he followed me back to my desk, and he took a nap under the lamp.

Which brings me to the point of what to do to keep your indoor cat happy and amused.

Since cats in the wild spend a lot of time hunting, many experts suggest putting their food in different spots in the house and make your cat "hunt for it" - a good idea in theory, except Neo doesn't eat hard food because of all the diseases that are caused by dry cat food and I am not crazy about the idea of putting soft food all over the house for him. I have, however, tried this with his treats. It seems to work, but the motivation isn't the same as it is when you hide their food.

Another better idea is what I was talking about above, make some time for quality play and grooming time, everyday. He doesn't need hunting lessons, he's just looking for attention and something to do to fill up some time between naps. He'll get the attention he needs, and look good too if you do some play time and grooming time every day. why_do_cats_eat_grass-.jpg

And lastly, open a window so your cat can hear the outdoors and smell the outdoors. Make sure there is a place for him to perch beside it so he can enjoy the view. Put some cat grass beside the window too. This even works for Neo, who is just itching to get outside. Sometimes letting him smell the outdoors and nibble on some grass is all he really wants.

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