How to choose a name for your cat

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Choosing a name for your cat is a very personal thing. The name reflects your interests and the cat’s temperament. It is also something that you have to love because your cat will be with you for up to two decades! There are millions of names out there to choose from. To make your choice a little easier, consider this:Pictures_cats_picking_names.jpg

• Your cat’s personality – you might want a name that suits the cat’s temperament. If Kitty is very alert and playful, a name that reflects that, like Sparkles or Chili might work.

• The name should be easy for you to say - making it easy to say when you are calling him for dinner might be something to consider – imagine having to call his name while walking up and down the streets of your neighborhood!

• If you have more than one cat, you might consider finding names that go together. One suggestion is Alexander and Ivan, or Nike and Adidas.

• Your personality – keep your personality in mind too, your cat’s name reflects on you too, so select a name that reflects who you are as well. If you are an avid reader, naming a cat after a character of your all time favorite book is a great idea. I personally think this is an important point. Neo was named after the main character in the Matrix trilogy.

• How others will react to your cat. Some names cause people to shy away from your cat while others allow people to feel comfortable with your cat. Consider Sparta vs Cuddles. See what I mean, a cat named Sparta might make people fearful of your cat before they even meet him.

pictures_cats_names.jpgHere are some cat name websites to visit for ideas.

All Pet Names only has a few hundred, but the meanings of the names are listed too.

Cat Names Ideas has thousands of names alphabetized but no meanings.

Cat Names has the longest list of cat names I've seen, with some meanings - it includes names from other languages.

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