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Whether you believe in superstitions or not, it's a fact that black cats are associated with Halloween, witches and all things evil. It does make a certain kind of sense, cats are nocturnal and their eyes shine in the dark, making them a perfect animal to fear and tell stories about during this day full of spirits and sprites, and devilish doings.

The tradition of cats and Halloween dates back over 2000 years to the ancient Celts. These ancient peoples lit bonfires to signal the end of summer and to help send those who died the previous year into the after life, usually with a sacrifice of a cat to the Sun God. They dressed in costumes to trick the spirits so they wouldn't bother the living.

A few hundred years later when Christians replaced earlier rituals. People who continued to participate in pagan traditions were hunted as witches along with nocturnal and misunderstood animals, like cats. During this time, cats were the main target because early Christians believed that witches could shape change into cats. Especially black cats. So cats, along with their owners were killed en masse. Halloween_cat.jpg

But this witch and cat hunt backfired, with the deaths of so many cats, carriers of the black plague - rats mostly - began to multiply leaving the human population to suffer and die in huge numbers. In the UK, people began to recognize that cats had been saving them from the plague so cats became revered and a symbol of good luck.

Unfortunately, in North America the opposite is true. Witches were hunted and their cats were killed also. Throughout the years cats continued to be a symbol of witchcraft and superstitions started to grow around cats, making them a permanent part of Halloween. pictures_cats_jackolantern.jpg

Because of all of this history and superstition, black cats are considered bad luck and shelters all over the world have such a hard time adopting out black cats. Superstitions still haunt Black Cats.

Even to this day, cats remain one of the most popular symbols for Halloween. During this time of year, many cats go missing and have ended up being used in satanic rituals or fatal pranks. If you are a cat owner, it is always best to keep your cat indoors around halloween, a few days before and a few days after to keep them safe from the wandering trick or treaters and from strangers who might want to use a cat in some torturous way.

So now that we know that cats were a part of Halloween for centuries, I wish you all, humans and Kitties, Have a Happy Halloween!

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