Halloween Safety for Kitty: No Chocolates or Sweets, Please

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Pictures_cats_servel_pumkin.jpgWith all the yummy sugary treats around this time of year, it's easy to want to share with your kitty, especially if he has a bit of a sweet tooth! But please, for your cat's safety, no chocolate or candies or anything that comes in a wrapper.

1. No Chocolate. Chocolate is toxic to cats so it is extremely dangerous to give them any even in small amounts. It can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and even seizures. Taken in large quantities, chocolate can kill your cat.

It contains caffeine, cardiac stimulants and its a diuretic, all of which can seriously harm your cat and the problem is that the symptoms don't show up right away, so by the time your cat starts having seizures, its too late.

If you think your cat has eaten some chocolate, take him to the vet right away and if you can, bring the chocolate and wrapper with you so your vet can see how much and what kind of chocolate it was.

2. No Candies. Cats may want to lick a sweet hard candy or chew on some gummies, but don't let him! The artificial sweetener xylitol can cause stomach upset, problems breathing even coma and possibly death if taken in large quantities. And sugar can cause Kitty to be hyperactive and irritable. Pictures_cats_pumkins.jpg

The artificial sweetener xylitol is actually a sugar alcohol, and cats can't metabolize alcohol so they usually end up with a sudden drop in blood sugar and slip into a coma.

If you think your cat has had something with an artificial sweetener in it, get him to the vet immediately with the candy and the wrapper, if possible.

3. No Candy Wrappers. Those shiny packages are very tempting as they flash in the light. Cats will surely want to play with them, but don't let them. Cats are attracted to the shiny, crunchy foil and plastic wrappers, but if swallowed, your cat can be in grave danger. INtestinal blockage can be fatal if not treated immediately.

If you think your cat has swallowed something like this, don't wait around for him to poop it out, call your vet now, this is not something you can take care of by your self. Your cat might have to have surgery to remove the item. So think twice about letting him play with candy wrappers. Pictures_cats_pumkin.jpg

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