Why your cat is still scratching the furniture?

Pictures_cats_scratching_furniture.jpgWhat should you do about your cat scratching your furniture? There are lots of solutions out there, but most of them don't work, are humiliating for you or your cat, or end up costing you a fortune.

Wait... don't laugh, it can be very humiliating for your cat when you punish him. He has no idea why, after all, he is just being a cat, scratching is completely natural. So let's get to the root cause of your scratching problem.

Cat's need to scratch. Their claws grow continuously, just like a human's nails, the differences are a cat's claws grow faster and are very sharp. In the wild, cats scratch and sharpen their claws to help hunt and kill their pray. They will even break a claw during the hunt so fast regrowth is important for the next hunt. But even though your cat gets a daily dose of kibble or canned yummies, they still have sharp claws that are made for killing. But stopping your cat from scratching can be very confusing for your cat.

It's natural for cats to scratch. Cats scratch to mark their territory, to sharpen and shorten their claws, and to help them stretch. Have you ever seen your cat stick his claws into something and then arch his back? He can hold himself in place and get a good stretch. Their paws also contain their scent so scratching tells other cats and animals that there is a cat in this territory already.

Another important reason that cats scratch is to tell you something. Yep, if you've been trying to stop him and going craszy, chasing him when he scratches, your cat knows how to get your attention. So now, he may be scratching just because he wants a little excitement in his life.

pictures_cat_scratching_.jpgScratching is instinctual for cats. So making them stop scratching is not the answer. If you try to stop them, you'll find they are going to do it, just not in front of you! One day, when you are cleaning out the back of your closet, you'll notice debris from cat scratching.

So now that you understand your cat's scratching, you can find viable solutions that will save your furniture. Instead of working against your cat's natural instinct, work with it.

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