The new cat flap/door that has a keyless entry for your cat!!

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pet-porte-inuse.jpgFor those of you who have special cat flaps/doors that lead to outside, a new device has been created that might fix some of the nagging problems with traditional cat flaps. This is a great gadget for those that allow their cats outside.

Gone are the days of waking up in the morning only to realize that a strange cat is in your house. Say goodbye to cats that enter your home only to spray or steal your cat's food.

The Pet Porte is a new kind of cat flap that actually reads your cat's existing (assuming you have one) microchip. When your cat approaches the door, it automatically unlocks. Once you're cat is inside, the door locks preventing other cats from invading your home. Pretty kewl eh? If you don't have a microchip for your cat, this would be another good reason to get one.

What's really neat about this cat flap is that it has a unique light sensor that knows when it's daylight or nightime. Let's say you prefer that your cat remains indoors at night; that's no problem for the Pet Porte. Simply set the cat flap to remain closed at night and open during the day and the mornings of getting up early to let your cat out are over! Yes! What every lazy outdoor cat owner needs!

We'd love to get some reactions on this product, if you own one please comment on how useful it's been to you. You can learn more about the product here.

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Maarten said:

This thing is not ready for the consumer market.
This is the first chip controlled catflap (no collar needed) and I appreciate the effort very much. But unfortunately this version has some major flaws:
- unwanted cats can still come in, because of the weak physical design of the electronic lock. Therefore it fails in it's basic function!
- it's not water proof. A bit strange for a UK product.
- it requires a power supply, and that presents some wiring issues, especcially when your door swings open to the outside.

Tomorrow I will demand my money back.

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