Sarah Palin doesn't like cats...I'm concerned...

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sarah_palin_afraid_cats.jpgSome interesting facts are starting to be revealed about Vice Presidential Nominee Sarah Palin:

  • She believes that dinasours roamed the earth 4000 years ago.
  • She lied about being in Iraq.
  • She lied about the percentage of energy her state provides to the country. She indicated that Alaska provides 20% of America's oil requirements even though the actual number is 3.5%.
  • She demanded that certain books be banned at the local library when she was town mayor.
  • She's forcing her 17 year old daughter to get married to some degenerate that impregnated her. Nice.
  • More importantly, she doesn't like cats!mccain_goofed_palin.jpg
  • I don't know about you but I wonder about a future leader that has issues with a small domestic animal. During a group interview, one of her friends mentioned, "She doesn't care for cats very much," and another chimed in, "Oh, yes, she's afraid of my cat." If she's afraid of cats, how is she going to be able to confront Putin in a time of crisis?

    What the hell was McCain thinking on this one?

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    Julie said:

    you know that palin is going to lose anyways

    anonymous said:

    Yup, this election were stuck between a rock and a hard place. If I could choose, I would vote neither. But anyway, nice website you've got going here, keep up with it, its on my bookmarks :)

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