Purrfect cat fence

Continuing my quest to find the solution to my indoor/outdoor cat issues. So far, I've found underground electronic fences by PetSafe, and a cat gazebo by Kittywalk Systems.

Here is another option called Purrfect Cat Fences and Enclosures. It appears that it works for people with or without existing fences or for people who want to enclose their cats with a flexible fence that lets them see out but not get out. You can see in the video that the top of the fence angles in and over so the cat can't climb out.

Check it out, it looks like it offers your cat a lot of freedom while staying safely enclosed in your yard. They can run, jump and play while enjoying the outdoors.


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Fence Guy said:

My experience is that the electric cat fences are most productive in adapting cat behaviour. I have installed nearly 500 systems and owners keep telling me that their cats are so much better behaved, they stay in the yard and funny enough they find them sleeping in the yard often...and of course the view is completely unobstructed!

Me said:

Haha, the woman said all dramatically, "My view will be gone forever." Then as an afterthought she's like, "Well, sort of."

I'd like to know if this works well. I'm going to be moving to a house with a big backyard soon, and want to know if it's successful at keeping cats in... I'd like to be able to give my cat a little freedom without having to worry about him too much.

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