Love Cats? Got cat allergies? Good news!

A new cat breed is now available that doesn’t cause allergic reactions!

allerica_pictures_of_cats.jpgThese cats don’t produce the protein that causes allergies in people. And are they ever cute! ….of course there is a huge price tag (6000.00 up to 28,000.00 USD) and a long wait list (over a year) …..but for cat lovers who have allergies, it might be worth it.

Ok, so you’re asking, what did they do to those poor cats to make them hypoallergenic? Well it’s simple…if you are a geneticist who specializes in genetic divergence…not me for sure, but let me explain it the way I understand it…

Cats produce this protein that causes allergies… you find it on their skin, fur, saliva, everywhere, really…. But these scientists have isolated the gene that produces this protein. No one is telling the scientific secrets of how they found a breed of cats that produces a different version of the protein.

But what they do say is that the new breeds were developed using genetic sequencing. (exactly what breeders have been doing for years… without the science) The result was a kitten that didn’t produce the allergic response.

This type of cat is completely healthy and is bred naturally. They’ve even got two new breeds to choose from now – Siamese and the exotic Ashera. Amazing.

See pictures of hypoallergenic cats online or place your order at Allerca Lifestyle Pets.

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