Kittywalk cat enclosure

I've begun my research on what to do about Neo outside. He's an indoor cat who wants to be an outdoor cat. I found this KittyWalk product that seems to be very popular.

I'm not convinced that this will be good for Neo, but take a look and tell me what you think. I'll keep researching this and let you know what I find. I am not sure why this person lets her dogs have free run of the yard but not her cat? Maybe because the cat can get away and out of the yard easier than the dogs, but it seems a little unfair to kitty!

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Larry said:

You can also get this item at

anonymous said:

That's a pretty horrible contraption. Its one thing to let your cat out on a leash in the yard, its another to put it in something like that. Just look at the cat in the video, its unhappy.

If you want to take your cat outside and have it be happy, but a cat leash. They're about $10 at any pet store. Walk them around the yard then bring them in. They will be much happier than that cat.

pn said:

her cat is all white - it may be deaf so that's why she's keeping it mainly indoors or using the enclosure.

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