Hurricane Gustav Evacuation Plans for Pets

scared-feral.jpgNew Orleans is being hit by Hurricane Gustav, but unlike the disaster of Katrina, plans have been carried out to evacuate people and their pets. While humans rode in buses, their pets rode in carriers in trucks. Each pet had his own space, with a clearly labeled cage and the humans had a wrist band that identified them as the owner.

I've blogged before about what to do with your cat when you have to evacuate. Carriers, medical records, photos and food are the main items needed to keep your cat happy and safe during an evacuation. It seems like the authorities in New Orleans got it right this time.

United Animal Nations came out to help people and pets get to the same place. They had pet stations where owners could register their pets and load them onto a truck that was going to the same place as the owner. At their destination, vets were standing by to treat any ill or injured animals.

It's nice to know that this time, pets are included in hurricane evacuation.

Here are some excellent tips for protecting pets in hurricane Gustav's Path.

Please remember to include your cat in your plans to stay safe during these difficult times.

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