How to discourage your cat from scratching furniture?

images-4.jpgThe only effective method is double sided tape. Yep. That's it. Just try it. People try all sorts of things, spraying with water, putting vinegar on the furniture, even using chemicals and toxins. But nothing works as well as double sided tape.

The best way to discourage your cat from scratching is to put some double sided tape on the furniture in the spot where they like to scratch. It may not look nice but it works. you can even get it in clear so it's not as noticeable.

So here's what you do, look at what he is scratching and try to figure out why your cat likes it so much, maybe it is the height of the chair, or the texture of the fabric, or the loop in the carpet. Because cats need to scratch, you have to figure out why they like that particular thing the most.

images-1.jpgThen you get your cat scratching post that you want him to scratch that has the same appeal as the furniture. You put the scratching post close to the piece of furniture that your cat wants to scratch and stick some double sided sticky tape to the furniture.

Cat's hate having sticky stuff on their paws so the double sided tape will work. Trust me. But only if you give your cat an alternative to the furniture he wants to scratch.

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