For busy homes, two cats are better than one!

super+cute+kittens.jpgConsidering getting a cat? Get two.

Already have a cat, want another?

The short answer, Yes! Get two or even three cats!

There are lots of reasons to get two cats, but the best reason is a cat needs companionship too. You have your friends and your family to talk to, but your cat only has humans, it is not the same kind of relationship. Cats play together, sleep together, clean each other and do all sorts of Kitty things together that we humans just can’t do.

And if you don’t believe me, read this article by Franny Syufy, Ten Reasons why Two Kittens are Better than One.

little-grey-kittens.jpgIf you get two cats, it is always best to get two litter mates. If they were born together, they will have already developed a relationship and will be willing to share their territory. But that is in a perfect scenario. As we know life is not like that. If you adopt one cat and then decide you want to get another cat, there are some rules for choosing a cat to add to your family. Then once you decide which cat you want, blending cats into one household can be a challenge.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always had a cat. There was always someone in my life saying, you have one cat, why would you get a second one? Or …. Two cats is twice the work… Or… let’s see how it works out with one cat….. Or no, you can’t bring that stray home …you already have a cat. But the more I learn about cats the more I realize, my instinct to have two cats was right all along!

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