Cat Spanking (video)

I forgot about this video, but a friend reminded me of it when she saw me giving Neo a spanking/massage like this. Neo doesn't like it as rough as this cat does but he sure loves a bum rub at the base of his tail and hind legs.

Cats have a bundle of nerves around the base of the tail and it can feel good to have it scratched, rubbed or spanked. Some cats find that area too sensitive and can't be touched there, but others like Neo, like a little spanking once in a while.

Do a little scratch test, if you scratch your cat at the base of the tail and he turns around and swats you, or gives you the look that tells you to stay away. Take heed and don't do it again. But if your cat lifts his little butt up and meows happily, that's his way of saying keep going!

But don't try it has hard as this cat likes it, this cat likes it unusually hard, you can even see him asking for more when the person stops!

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