Abused Lions and Tigers saved by Big Cat Rescue (video)

Six wild cats, 2 lions and 4 tigers owned by some idiot in Ohio named Diana McCourt had their claws removed and their fangs so that she could let people take pictures and pet the wild cats. These poor cats were mutilated for entertainment!

This makes me sick. But the story has a happy ending. These six cats, kind of formed a pride because they had lived together and endured abuse together for so long. Big Cat Rescue of Florida was able to rescue all 6 cats.

Originally, the only cat to be rescued was Joseph the youngest male who still had his canine teeth. But when it was discovered that the cats were like family and had been for at least 9 years, Big Cat Rescue appealed to it's supporters for funding to take the whole pride.

You can see how they were transported in this video. Thank you to Big Cat Rescue.

If you see or hear of abuse to any animal, you can report it at 911 Animal Abuse. Post pictures and tell your story. Help get the word out and make a difference in an animal's life.

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