12 year old girl, Mimi, is a cat's hero!

Picture_of_mimi_cat_food.jpgThis is Mimi, hard at work delivering food to hungry cats at her local shelter. But she's not just volunteering her time and effort, she has created a way to get other people to help too! Let me explain.

Mimi Ausland, aged 12 from Bend, Oregon wanted a way to help feed hungry animals at her local shelter. So she created a trivia game, designed a website and got corporate sponsorship .... The idea is brilliant. Here is how it works.

Just go to Free Kibble Kat and play the daily trivia game. Each time you play, 10 pieces of kibble are donated. Even if you don't know the answer, you can still help out hungry cats by playing everyday.

It's not for profit, just for cats. Mimi just wanted to help out her local shelter by feeding the dogs and now cats. There are 7 news shelters they've added to the list across the U.S. Do your part and play the daily trivia game. It takes about 10 seconds of your time and it benefits so many cats. picture_cats_mimi_.jpg

Support Mimi, this cause is really easy and such a great idea. You can sign up to get a daily email reminder to play.

Good job Mimi!

Cats need more people like Mimi.

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