Yoda, the four eared cat was the brunt of jokes at a Chicago bar. Now he's a celebrity.

Picture_of-four_eared_cat.jpgA Chicago bar owner kept this little kitten in a cage in his bar for his patrons' amusement. Everyone seemed to think he was a devil because his extra ears made it look like he had horns.

But Ted and Valerie Rock adopted the kitten and now Yoda is a loving and playful family member. Pictures of Yoda have prompted people like Tyra Banks and the networks CNN and ABC to air clips about him.

No one knows how the mutation happened but his vet thinks he is perfectly healthy. He doesn't have hearing problems, nor can he hear particularly well. His hearing is perfectly normal. As a matter of fact, Yoda is not the first cat with four ears, there have been others reported in Germany, Russia, and the UK.

This kitten was lucky to have been adopted by a family that loves him. They won't let him outside on his own just in case someone tries to steal him. He's also been microchipped so he gets back to his rightful owners if he's ever lost. Here is a video clip of Yoda.

Read the story, Four ears make Downers Grove cat an Internet star.

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