Whatever happened to Christian the Lion after the reunion? John and Ace Australian Interview (video)

Image18_t.jpgI blogged about the recent Interview with John Rendall and Ace Bourke that the today show did. And in that interview, they answer the question, Whatever happened to Christian the Lion after the reunion?

The last time John saw him was during a trip to Kenya in 1974, three years after the reunion video. Christian was double the size, at least 500 lbs and looking very healthy. Christian recognized John then too! He was with wild lionesses and had litters of cubs. He had completely integrated into the wild. They never saw him again. And to the best of anyone's knowledge he went forth into that enormous conservation area and lived out his days with his pride.

There is a lovely video of the interview with Ace and John by Kerri-Anne Kennerley. They talk about their experiences when he was a cub. He was such a kind, gentle and intelligent lion. There are more pictures and videos and the pair reminisce about their relationship with Christian.

In part 2 John and Ace talk about Boy the lion who helped Christian rehabilitate and the days after the reunion video. They recount tales of Christian stalking a fully grown Rhino. A lovely interview, Ace and John are very eloquent and they truly loved their little lion. Please consider helping out the cause by donating to the George Adamson Wildlife Fund to continue their great efforts of conserving wildlife in Africa.

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marie said:

A wonderful story of true love. We must not forget
Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna who made it posssible for Christian, Ace and John to join
George Adamson in Africa. Christian was a very
lucky lion!

Carolyn said:

Yes, I guess, in some ways - though we never got to know what happened to Christian after the last reunion when George stopped counting the days after 97 had passed. I feel incredibly sorry for Christian in some ways and hope he lived his life out peacefully in Meru where GA thinks he headed. Christian was a special lion - I think of him daily - and he must even now be in Paradise with George and all his old lion friends as well. Paradise Regained!!

David said:

When I first saw the videos of Christian I was enthralled by such a wonderful animal. He had real personality.I bought all of the material on him that I could - books, DVDs etc. He clearly loved John and Ace, and they loved him just as much

But the longer I have thought about it, the more I think it was wrong to take him to a wild environment that he had never lived in and just didn't understand. I hate zoos and circuses, but the alternative John and Ace were looking at was the lion enclosure at one of the UK safari parks, and somehow I feel that it would have been a far happier life for Christian there than having to live in the incredibly dangerous world he was taken to in Africa.

Edward Mikan said:

What a teriffic , awesome animal HE was!!!! THANK YOU ,John & Ace for the amazing , true saga of CHRISTIAN the LION!! I will alwaus remember him!

Edward Mikan said:

What a truly terrific , awesome animal he was!!!! THANK YOU JOHN & ACE for this fantastic , true saga of CHRISTIAN the WONDERFUL LION!!!! U.S.ARMY VET.

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