Poachers claim the lives of almost 50 tigers in Himalayan Refuge.

savetigerpic3.jpgSo how do you like this. The government of Nepal created a refuge that is 117 sq miles and it even connects to two other conservation areas in India for Bengal Tigers, Rhinos, birds and deer. You'd think that would be great news. And I'm sure it was great news to wild cat conservationists and the World Wild Life Fund.

But poachers are going into this area and shooting the animals. It's like shooting fish in a barrel! The poachers know where the cats are, even know when the place is patrolled and then they go in and kill the Tigers. It's horrific. These wild animals think they have some freedom, and the people who put them there think that this is a safe place for them to be, but they get shot because they are so easy to find.WWFImgFullitem9491.jpg

In 2005, a survey of the Bengal Tiger Population in the Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve in Nepal and the numbers were up to 50 Bengal Tigers. But in April 2008, those numbers have dwindled to 6! Yes, you read that right, it's not a typo 6 Bengal Tigers left in refuge that was designed to protect them. Disgusting. Apparently, the poachers take every part of the tiger, unlike rhinos, where only the tusks are taken. So there is no trace of the animal once it has been killed.

Read Tigers Disappear From Himalayan Refuge and see for yourself!

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