Neo just pooped out a balloon!

neo talking.pngI happened to see it come out. He was in the garden outside on his harness and his back was facing me. All I saw was him squatting with his tail up and out of the way and out dropped a red uninflated balloon. It was very funny and shocking at first!

Yes, I know, compared to other topics I've blogged about before, the contents of Neo's poop doesn't seem that important. But when you think about it, a balloon coming out of your cat means at some point he ate it, which I think is very news worthy.

Because of their playful nature, cats can get themselves into some trouble, every cat owner can relate to this. But that makes it even more important to take stock of the things in your house that might be a potential danger.pictures_of_cats_tongues_papillae.jpg

We had a birthday party here about a month ago and I thought we had rounded up and accounted for every balloon, but I was wrong. There must have been one under the sofa or in some small space that only Neo knows about.

Balloons, string, small toys, elastic bands, thread, long hair are all potential hazards for cats and here's why. Cats have barbed tongues and the barbs are called papillae. Papillae are little curved hooks aligned in such a way to pull things into a cat's mouth. It's a very clever design for cats in the wild, because they need those papillae to bring water into their mouths to drink or to clean off bones and drink blood of their prey.

But in a house, those papillae just pull unwanted things into your cat's body. Balloons, string, small toys, elastic bands, thread, long hair are all things your cat can't spit out.

pictures_of-cats_tongues.jpgSo take a look at your house from your cat's perspective. Really get down on your knees and look into every crevice and hiding spot and see if there is anything that would be dangerous for your cat if he swallowed it. Even some cat toys are dangerous so be very cautious. I was lucky that the balloon simply came out the other end, but it could have been a lot worse. It could have stuck in his digestive track and caused him to vomit or have a bloody stool.

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