Mousie the Cat Reunited with her Human: One Year Later!

Picture_of_cat_reunited.jpgThanks to the North Devon Animal Ambulance in the UK, Mousie has gone home to Ira Bauert in Germany. Ira was on vacation in the UK when Mousie went missing and Ms Lewis from the North Devon Animal Ambulance discovered the cat's microchip.

I can't think of a better reason to microchip your cat! I've blogged about taking your cat on vacation with you, how to choose a good petsitter and I've talked about what to do to prevent your cat from getting lost, but this is a story about a cat getting lost on vacation. Luckily this owner did the right thing and had Mousie microchipped. I know it took a year and a year is a long, long time to a cat and a cat lover, but it is better to wait a year than to never see your cat again! This was a happy reunion, but so many cats never find there way home.

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