It's 2 pm: do you know where your cat is?

pictures_of_cats_jelly.jpgIf you let your cat outside when you go to work, do you ever wonder what he's doing all day?

Perhaps he's visiting some other family and getting love and attention all afternoon then comes home for his evening meal and more loving.

That's what I think happens to Jelly, a cat in London who spends his days at the police station.

I just read about Jelly today. Apparently, this black and white tom cat comes to the police station and spends his day eating treats and sleeping in a box in a case worker's office.


This cat is smart, he is well fed, affectionate and groomed so he must belong to someone. But during the day, I guess he is a little lonely, so he spends time with his pals down at the precinct.

So I ask you, do you know where your cat goes? Wouldn't it be nice to follow him one day and see if he has a daytime family, just like Jelly?

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