Driving Miss Kitty: Restrain your cat for safety while you drive

cloned_cats_glow_in_the_dark.jpgThere are a number of reasons why you should restrain your cats while driving, for your safety and your cat's safety. I know, I've been guilty of it too, you think that because cats are uncomfortable with driving that letting them look out the window is good for them and helps calm them down. But really think about it, trees and houses, passing by the car window at an alarming speed can't be calming for your cat! Cats are used to running maybe 5 MPH max and here you are cruising along at 35 MPH. That's gotta make your cat a little queasy.

Or you like to pet your cat and have him sit on your lap while you drive. Hmmm, another idea that is not so good, if you are petting your cat, whose hands are on the wheel? Yeah, and then you glance down and look adoring at him and the next thing you know, the guy in front of you has slammed on his breaks and you ram into him. That's going to be a bit of a problem for your cat and you!

If you are seriously hurt, your cat could run away out of fear or worse be thrown from the car and you won't be able to go get him. Other cars may not see him and he could be in the middle of the road, dodging traffic.

And what if he is in the back seat? His body becomes a projectile that can seriously injure you, not to mention that if his body hits any part of the car hard enough, your precious kitty is dead or seriously injured, which means, in most people's cases that you'll have to put him to sleep.

rescued_feral_flea_anemia_kitten.jpgSo think about it and safe yourself some heartache if you are in an accident. Keep your cat in a carrier, no matter how loud he howls, it is safer for him and for you. And if you're really cautious, like me, put the seatbelt through the handle at the top of the carrier and snap it securely. If there is an accident or a sudden stop, the carrier will not go flying or sliding off the seat. Some people I know put their cat's carriers on the floor behind the front passengers seat. That is safe too, but I prefer to have Neo in his carrier right beside me - securely fastened to the front passenger's seat where I can see how he is doing throughout the drive.

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