Cat-Napped! what to do if your cat is stolen!

cat-napped_pictures_of_cats.jpgThe number of cats stolen is on the rise, maybe with hard economic times, people are turning to cat-napping to make a few bucks, but when your precious feline is taken, what do you do to get him back?

People steal cats because it's a cheap way to acquire a pet and it is a quick way to make some cash. Selling a pure bred cat online is common and both the buyer and the seller benefit. Most of the time, the cat can be sold at a reduced rate because there are no papers, and the buyer sees that there are no papers but wants the cat so they agree on a price that is usually about half of what it would be through breeder and everyone wins, except the person who's cat was stolen and the cat himself.

Your best bet for getting your cat back is to make it impossible to sell your cat, get pictures out as soon as possible. Get posters up at Vet clinics, shelters, pet stores, online message boards, and enlist the help of your local teenagers to put posters up at malls, coffee shops and parks.

And of course, keeping your cat indoors will also keep him safe.

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