Cat saves 97 year old owner from fire!

pictures_of_cat_saves_owner_from_fire.jpgThe fire was caused by lightening and Grace George, 97, was sound asleep. Boo Boo her cat was howling so loudly that he woke up Grace. It's funny because Grace was annoyed by Boo Boo's meowing so she was just going to put him out, but when she awoke and smelled fire, she ran out of the house and flagged down a car who's driver called the fire dept.

Boo Boo was a stray Grace had taken in about 15 years ago, he suffered a little smoke inhalation but other than that was fine. Grace said she was going to buy him a can of salmon as a special treat for saving her life.

Read about Woman, 97, says cat's yowling saved her from fire.

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