Why does my cat throw up?

Well if you're reading this page, you're probably a cat owner and you've probably had to deal with cat vomit. In most cases there isn't much to worry about. The reality is most cats throw up at some point in their lives; some more than others. Here are the most popular reasons why:

  • nervousness
  • excitement
  • stress
  • hair balls
  • if your cat is an outdoor cat, they may have eaten too much grass. Cats eat grass to help them deal with hair balls
  • may have an eaten an object that they shouldn't have eaten
  • cat may have ingested chocolate (chocolate is like poison to cats)
  • Generally speaking none of these issues are major issues. Call your vet if you notice the following:

  • blood in the vomit
  • your cat is vomiting and experiencing diarrhea
  • your cat is generally not him/herself and is very lethargic
  • Again, if you have concerns or issues, get a hold of your vet right away. That's the best course of action.

    Now for lighter entertainment, check out the funny video below:

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