Stray Cats: 5 tips to prevent your cat from getting lost.

preventing_stray_cats.jpgHere are 5 actions to take right now that will help to bring your cat home safely.

No matter how careful you are to prevent your cat from straying, 1 in 3 cats will be lost this year and over 90% of them won’t get back home to you. There are things you can do right now to get your cat home where he belongs.

pictures_of_stray_cats_lost.jpg1) Have copies of recent photos of your cat to distribute, email or fax to any and all of your contacts and local animal shelters. A picture can get you reunited faster and prove that the cat is yours.

2) If you haven’t already done it, get your cat a microchip and registered with a good company.

3) Have a copy of your cat’s medical records and your vet's contact information at home or on your PDA. If your cat is found, you might have to prove that he’s been vaccinated or she’s been spayed. And if the cat has any allergies or illnesses or special dietary needs, it's all there in one place for anyone who cares for your cat.

stray_cats.jpg4) Make a list of emergency phone numbers. The company your cat’s microchip is registered with, your veterinarian and emergency animal hospital closest to you, local humane society or animal shelter, people who you can call on to help find your cat or who can help you treat your found cat that's been injured.

5) Have an Emergency Supply Kit ready with a carrier, food and water, blankets and a First Aid for Cats manual. If you cat is injured you might need to transport him to an emergency clinic right away.

This is the time of year when hundreds of cats get lost or stray too far from home. These steps will help you locate your cat in the event that your cat strays or more accurately, is chased or scared away from you.

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