Stray Cats: 5 easy ways to protect your cat

stray_cat_ protect.jpg35% percent of pet cats will get lost in their lifetime. And fewer than 10% of those stray cats make it home again. To prevent your cat from becoming a sad statistic like this, there are a number of steps you can take.

1) Have your pet wear a collar with your name address and current phone number on it. Get the metal ones, they don’t smudge and it’s harder to scratch them. There are many pet tag companies out there.

2) Check your home and yard for possible break points. A determined cat can squeeze through a very small space. If you can fit your hand through, your cat can get their whole body through. And doors, cats have learned how to open doors, so make sure they latch securely.

3) Introduce your cat to your neighbors. If your cat gets out, chances are that someone who lives close to you will see him. If they know it’s your cat, they’ll either let you know your cat is out or catch him for you.


4) Put a sign on your door to alert rescuers that there is a cat in your house in case of an emergency. If there is a fire in your building while you are out, a sign on the door increases the chances that your cats will be removed from danger. Let rescue workers know how many pets you have in the house and your vet’s name and phone number.

5) Get insurance for your pet – some policies cover loss or theft and some companies will help you find your pet.

For more information, read 5 tips to prevent your cat from getting lost.


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