Keep your cats indoors while you celebrate Independence Day

independence_-day_cats.jpgCelebrate Independence Day with parades, fireworks and good food, but keep your cat safe and happy while you celebrate the Fourth of July.

You may be tempted to let your cat out to enjoy the day's events or to prowl around as usual, but in reality, your cat won't enjoy the day as much as you will. You'll both be happier in the long run if you keep your cat inside. Your cat won't get hurt or lost and you'll know that your cat is safe and waiting for you when you get home.


Cats are easily agitated by loud noises of fireworks or sirens, unusual activity of parades and strangers in their neighborhood. What may seem like fun for you, will cause stress in your cat and may cause him to display aggressive behavior which will get him into trouble with neighborhood animals and people. Or worse, your cat might get so spooked that he gets into a fatal situation like in front of a moving car or trapped in an alley where nasty people are waiting for a frightened cat to torture. And the food... there is always something that smells good to your cat that he'll eat but it could make him sick.

Make this a happy holiday for your cat. Keep him indoors with plenty of food and water and a few toys to get him through the day. It will be hot so make sure your cat has shade and fresh or cool air - never leave him in a vehicle or in direct sunlight - cats can dehydrate and suffer a horrible death if they get too hot.


Keep human foods away from your cat, especially sweet things like ice cream and chocolate - chocolate is toxic to cats.

If your cat show signs of aggressive behavior, it's often a reaction to high stress situations. Get him to a safe, quiet area where he can calm down.

If you think your cat might get out, follow our 5 tips for preventing your cat from becoming lost or stray. And also check out Stray Cats: 5 easy ways to protect your cat. Happy Independence Day!


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