Ebay Bans Cat Pelt Sales!

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as of today, you can't buy or sell cat and dog pelts on eBay. This is good news for cats who are hunted down for their fur. Banning the sale of furs is the first step toward protecting cats. Europeans are forward thinkers, and I applaud them for taking this step.

KittyTies2-vi.jpgBut I find it appalling that a ban on fur has not already begun on the U.S. eBay website. You can read the press release here. It clearly states that a ban on cat and dog fur pelts is being considered in the U.S.

Considered? Why considered? Why are we standing around letting cat and dog pelts be sold on eBay? or anywhere for that matter?

And what remains a mystery, is why people still buy fur? Don't people get it? If it has fur, it had to come off of an animal. If it came off of an animal there had to be some act of violence committed on the animal to get the fur off.

Stop buying fur. And stop buying cat toys made from fur - even if you are sure it is rabbit or some other poor animal. Fur is attached to skin which decomposes, so the fur pelt has to be treated with a number of toxic chemicals so it doesn't rot. See where I am going here? If you give your cat a toy made from fur you are giving them poisons to play with.

The true ban on cat and dog pelt sales will come the day consumers make a conscience decision to not buy fur and products made from fur.

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