Christian, the lion who lived in my London living room: The Movie, Parts 3 and 4

stairs400_t.jpgI wrote a brief summary of the story of Christian the Lion a while back with a video that highlights their reunion. For the short version of the story, I suggest you see that video.

But for those of you who are intrigued by the full story of Christian, the full length movie is available but it has been cut into ten minute segments. If you haven't already seen the first two segments of the movie, see Christian, the lion who lived in my London living room: The Movie Parts 1 and 2

The movie is hard to find, because when it was released in the early seventies, the movie had three names:

Christian the Lion

The Lion at World's End

Christian, the lion who thought he was people

In this segment, they found a piece of land and built a compound for Christian and the humans to live in protection while Christian learned how to live in the wild. They introduced Christian to Boy, another tame lion who had been living wild for years. They hoped to create a new pride. Part 3 shows Boy, a surgery that Boy had to endure and the love and trust that Boy had in George. Lions are truly amazing animals.

In Part 4, we see the surgery and recovery of Boy and we find out that a female lion cub was found too. Then we see the introduction of Boy to Christian, who still seemed to have his natural wild instincts intact. Watching the three lions, Boy, Christian and the female Kitania interact was beautiful and exciting but we still don't know if Boy will accept Christian.

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