Christian the Lion: The Movie Parts 9 and 10

reunion1_t.jpgThese are the final two parts to the movie: Christian, the lion who thought he was people. I keep calling it a movie, but it's really a documentary - it's a true story and there are no actors or stunt doubles. Christian the lion is played by Christian himself.

In part 9, tragedy strikes, and the story is told by George Adamson himself. Ace and John return to comfort George and to see how Christian is doing. Christian and the lionesses were out of the camp, but Ace and John waited. This is the part that you've seen before - the part where Christian jumps up and hugs his friends. Only now you can hear his grunts and his paws on the rocks. Much more realistic.

In part 10, you can see how Christian's comfort with Ace and John made Mona, Lisa and Supercub comfortable with them too. The film then shows Christian's parents in a cramped zoo and compares their lives to Christian's. Such a touching film. I just finished watching it and I am completely overwhelmed.

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nicacat56 said:

I have truly been touched by this story. I'd love for John and Ace to revisit Kenya, even though George is no longer with us, to see, somehow (I don't know how), if Christian is still with us. I am crying as I write this, as I have cried through every video that I've seen about this incredible experience. What a statement to love this is!!

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