cat food taste tester for hire, accepting applications now

cat_food_bowl.jpgYes really, you can be a cat food taste tester! I'm not kidding. Dr. Pickering from Brock University has been conducting cat food taste testing experiements using human tasters in Australia and in Canada. He says that the human tasters rate cat food accurately which benefits our feline friends.

His research is to help cat food manufacturers know exactly what cats prefer in cat food. Humans are better able to describe the food and what parts of it are enjoyable for your cat. Cats, of course, are essential to the process of cat food tasting because they either eat it or they don't, so researchers get a pretty clear idea of what cats like and don't like. But it is helpful that researchers like Dr. Pickering know what exactly about the food makes it tasty for kitty.

Read more about Human Panel Judges Cat Food.

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