Cat and Bear live happily together for eight years in the Berlin Zoo

bear-cat2.jpgIn January 2004 a little black cat named Muschi appeared in the bear area of the Berlin Zoo. The zoo keepers observed the cat interacting with one of the black bears named Mauschen and saw that they were respectful and careful with each other. They play with mice together and share their food and cuddle with each other. Amazing!

The zoo keepers had to separate the two when they were renovating the bear area. They put the bear inside a cage. They thought the cat would leave, instead, the bear roared and the cat meowed until they were reunited. So the cat remains in the bear area of the Berlin Zoo with the bear. They have lived like that for eight years.bear-cat1.jpg

The Zoo keepers have put up a sign to tell visitors that the cat and the bear are friends and respect each other. In spite of the sign, visitors often offer to take the cat home, but the zoo keepers reply, "you can take the cat only if you take the bear too!"

catandbearbestfriends3ia7.jpgMauschen the bear is 40 years old and is showing signs of aging. She may not be around too much longer, the zoo keepers will allow Muschi the cat to stay when Mauschen passes away. Until then, the pair continue to cuddle together and play together, even though the bear is slowing down.


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