Wild Sand Cat: Could be the cutest cat in the world!

The Wild Sand Cat is found in the deserts of North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. They prefer to live in sand dunes but have been spotted in mountainous regions too.

During the heat of the day, Sand Cats burrow in sand dunes and come out at night to hunt smaller mammals, birds, reptiles and insects. Because they are slightly smaller than a housecat, they stalk their pray and get in really close before striking.

With their round little heads, large ears and pointy little noses, they look like a cartoon drawing of a cat. They have furry feet to protect against the hot sand and they have thick, dense fur to protect against the blazing sun. I was mesmerized when I saw this video. Check out the very tiny little hiss. Make sure your speakers are on for it!

CUTEST CAT IN THE WORLD!!! - These bloopers are hilarious


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