Siegfried & Roy: Dedicated to Conserving Wild Cats


No animal should be part of a show, I disagree with circuses, and anything where the animal is made to perform unnatural acts for human entertainment. So when Siegfried and Roy stopped performing I thought that was a good thing. And I still do.

But now that they are in the news again, I did a little digging, I thought I would find evidence that Siegfried and Roy abused their cats, but I could not find one bit, even though PETA claims they abused the tiger that attacked Roy. I couldn't find the evidence they refer to.


Attack, that's an interesting word. I believe that if a tiger really wants to attack, the victim would be dead. Tigers are big, strong and have jaws that can crush bones. If Roy was attacked, he would be dead. I have to side with Siegfried on this one, in a CNN interview, he says the cat was moving him like a mother tiger picks up her cub to protect him. Maybe the tiger sensed he was having a stroke and was trying to protect him, I don't know.

But what I do know is that these guys let tigers walk freely in and out of their homes. Roy kisses these cats on the mouth, cuddles them, rides them, and the cats seem completely fine with it. Apparently, the pregnant tigers let Roy stay with them while they give birth and even drop the cubs in his lap! These cats are so well taken care of that they put some house cat owners to shame. They have a huge yard to play and relax in and they are also welcome inside the home.


Siegfried and Roy even have their own breeding program so these cats survive extinction. That's why they are in the news again. They've acquired five new cubs that the duo will hand raise to become part of their breeding program. So far they've increased the world wide Royal White Tiger population to 200 and 38 of them live in Las Vegas.

So whatever might be said about Siegfried and Roy, you can't dispute the fact that they are helping to preserve the dwindling wild cat populations of the world. The video is a slide show of their 5 new cubs. So cute.

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